Where to Run in Khao Lak

Khao Lak's Lake Side Running Track

In the late afternoon as the temperature in Khao Lak starts to cool a little, you will find an assortment of people converge on the small reservoir that lies between Bang Niang and Khuk Khak on the eastern side of Highway 4. The goal of these people is fitness. Circling the reservoir you will find a fairly wide concrete path that serves as the town’s unofficial running track.

Runners at the lake in Khao Lak

Khao Lak’s Running Circuit

The reservoir track not only attracts some seriously sporty runners, but a wide cross section of people, young and old, some in great shape, others striving to shed a few kilos. The atmosphere is relaxed and sociable, some people are there simply to take a stroll and catch up with friends. Parents are there with their toddlers, learning to walk or ride bikes away from the roads. There’s even a lady who likes to walk holding her pet monkey.

One lap of the track is 1.1 kilometres in distance. The reservoir is basically a large rectangle with a slight kink on the eastern leg. Conveniently there is a small car park at the south west corner of the reservoir which serves as a good starting point. There is a drinking fountain in the car park though it’s probably safer just to use this water to splash your face to cool down.

Like on the roads, slower moving people stick to the left side of the track allowing room for faster runners to pass safely. The preferred direction is clockwise around the reservoir.

Young and old running in Khao Lak
Whether you wish to amble, walk, jog, run or sprint, the reservoir is a great place to keep fit and feel like part of the Khao Lak community.

Circuit Stats

The western leg of the circuit is well shaded with trees and there is often a slight cooling breeze. The only downsides to the track is the concrete surface can be a little hard on the knees and it is close to the main highway which is always busy with traffic. Despite that the running track is an immensely popular place from around 5:00pm until dusk. During the day you will probably have the track to yourself though you will have to contend with high tropical temperatures.

The reservoir provides a nice, safe running environment, much preferable to running by the roadside. Just do not be surprised to find runners stopping to play with their smart phones or to watch the fishermen dotted around the small lake, some just need an excuse to take a rest.

Running at sunset in Khao Lak

1.1 km

When to Go

06:00 - 08:00 and 17:00 - 19:00