Rainy Weekends Sunny Weekdays

Khao Lak Weather 08 - 14 June 2019
Rain in Khao Lak and lush green leaves

Rainy Weekends Sunny Weekdays

Rainy Weekends and Lovely Weather During the Week

08 June 2019

Before the day started properly it was already raining. Heavier showers started around 8:00am, easing to drizzle around 10:00am which continued to midday. The afternoon was marked by on and off showers. There was a brief dry spell from 6:00pm into the late evening. Rain started late and continued through the night.

Summary: Low 25˚ High 29˚ Rain 33.9mm Rain and humid throughout the day.

09 June 2019

Wind, rain and dark clouds. Sunday morning weather in Khao Lak. Up until 10:00am there was drizzle and a chilled breeze. A morning to stay indoors. At 12:00pm the rain finally stopped but there was a lot of dense, very low clouds over town and obscuring the hills to the East. By 3:00pm the rain was still holding off and by 6:00pm the skies were a lot brighter though darker clouds loomed out at sea. The evening stayed dry.

Summary: Low 26˚ High 30˚ Rain 10.6mm Light rain starting in the morning.

10 June 2019

It was a dry start to the day with nice blue skies and a scattering of white clouds. By midday it was more breezy around Khao Lak and the clouds were thickening. After a wet weekend it looked a lot like the previous week’s weather pattern. From midday to around 3:00pm clouds formed lower and darker. The wind picked up and there was a quick rain shower. By 4:00pm there were very low dark clouds and wind but up to 5:00pm, still no rain. %;30pm and the now predictable evening rain started.

Summary: Low 27˚ High 31˚ Rain 13.1mm Light rain and humid throughout the day.

11 June 2019

Sun set clouds in Khao Lak Sun set clouds over the sea in Khao Lak

A lovely morning with blue skies, high clouds with the temperature warming quickly. As we predicted at the end of last week’s report the weather was getting nicer midweek. By 8:00am it was already 28˚. It stayed dry throughout the morning and by 12:00pm it was a warm, sunny 31˚ with a few white clouds dotted around the sky. 3:00pm in the afternoon and the weather was still lovely. Into sunset and early evening, blue skies and high white clouds, very nice, almost like Khao Lak’s high season. The evening was balmy and dry.

Summary: Low 27˚ High 33˚ Rain 2.5mm Humid and mostly sunny throughout the day.

12 June 2019

Thursday started the same as the previous day, bright with a slight breeze. Huge white fluffy clouds and to sea and by 7:30am it was already 28˚. It was a sunny day and by lunchtime very hot. High white clouds and blue skies, how long will it last?

Summary: Low 27˚ High 32˚ Rain 1.3mm Humid and sunny throughout the day.

13 June 2019

Wow another great morning in Khao Lak, more blue skies and high clouds. A nice warm breeze picked up through the morning. Lunchtime and the weather was perfect. If you were arriving in Khao Lak for a rainy season holiday the weather would have been a surprising and nice welcome. A good week to arrive in town. Into the afternoon and still sunny. There were some more ominous clouds forming to the north around 2:30pm though nothing came of this. As we headed into a hot, balmy evening the wind started to pick up and by 11:00pm it was gusting quite strongly. Would this be some rain to ease the heat? It started raining quite strongly at 11:12pm.

Summary: Low 26˚ High 32˚ Rain 0.84mm Humid and overcast later in the day.

14 June 2019

Dark clouds over Build Market Clouds over Build Market in the evening 14th June 2019

After some rain in the night time it was a beautiful bright morning, the green grasses and trees looked fresh and lush, the clouds were high and there was a nice cool breeze. Are we heading into a nice weekend or will it be like last weekend, wet and overcast. The local weather forecast was already showing 33˚ at 8:00am. By 11:00am there was much more wind and more cloud cover, the clouds grey and lower in the sky. By 1:00pm the clouds cleared to reveal blue skies once more though the temperature felt much cooler than the morning. There were more clouds to the north though the sunny spell continued into the afternoon. 5:00pm and the was back with quick but heavy showers, on and off until 6:30pm. There was a brief dry spell before more rain at 8:30pm. Could a rainy weekend be on the cards.

Summary: Low 26˚ High 33˚ Rain 1.9mm Humid and overcast and rain later the day.

Weekly Khao Lak Weather Summary and Predictions

Ending the second week of June we had experienced rainy weekends and fairly dry weekdays in Khao Lak. If there was any rain during the week it tended to be in late afternoon and early evenings, sometimes late at night. Reaching the middle of the month it looks more like Khao Lak’s weather will be a relatively dry and sunny weekend with more rains expected mid week, around the 18-19 June 2019.

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