Perfect Khao Lak Weather

Blue Skies and Sunshine All Week Long
Clear blue skies over Khao Lak

Perfect Khao Lak Weather

July began with some great weather in Khao Lak. The forecast looked like it would continue into the second week of July. That’s exactly what happened and what a glorious week it was. Sunshine and blue skies everyday and so little rain it is hardly worth mentioning.

You would easily be mistaken that you had arrived in Khao Lak in February or March such was the weather.

06 July 2019

Blue Skies of Chonticha 2 Barbecue Blue Skies of Chonticha Barbecue

Another fine morning. Bright white skies slowly turning through light blue as the day progressed. There were some thicker white clouds over to the East. By 11:00am it was bright and hot. The day continued fine, no clouding over, no rain, just nice hot weather for Khao Lak. There was plenty of sunshine in the afternoon too. A perfect weekend, welcome to Khao Lak.

Summary: Low 26˚ High 31˚ Rain 0.16mm Humid and mostly cloudy throughout the day.

07 July 2019

Blue skies and a couple of clouds Clear skies over the road to Khao Lak

See yesterday! Yet another fine start to the day, looks like another scorcher for Khao Lak this Sunday. By mid morning lots of white clouds were building up over the hills but didn’t look like they would bring any rain. A glorious afternoon, almost clear blue skies over head. What a fine weekend here in Khao Lak. The evening time was hot and humid.

Summary: Low 26˚ High 31˚ Rain 0.01mm Humid and mostly cloudy throughout the day.

08 July 2019

Dark clouds dominate the sky Some more dramatic skies on Monday in Khao Lak

The day started nicely with more fine weather. Blue with some giant white fluffy clouds. Shortly after 7:00am a large grey mass moved low over town. After a few splatters of rain there was a sudden downpour which lasted around 20 minutes. After that it brightened a bit but more grey clouds hung low in the sky. By 8:30am there was mixed sunshine, blue skies with white and dark clouds covering large portions of the sky. Another quick shower at 8:45am. Not the best start to the week but our area was getting a little parched so the rain was needed. After the early showers it stayed dry, the low clouds moved East and we returned to our nice weather spell. Lunch time and the sky was a mixture of blue skies, white fluffy clouds and dark low, looming rain clouds again. At 12:30pm and it was still dry since the early morning rain. Another glorious afternoon in Khao Lak. Top weather as we headed into a hot, balmy evening.

Summary: Low 26˚ High 31˚ Rain 0.3mm Humid and overcast throughout the day

09 July 2019

Blus skies and some thicker white clouds The clouds tend to be more dense over to the East

Have we woken up to high season? Blue skies, sunshine and only a sliver of white high in the sky. February weather in the middle of July. Hot and nice. All through the morning and perfect weather/ Lunch time, still perfect and into the afternoon and still perfect.Later afternoon, perfect. It was very hot heading out for an evening run. It was busy at the lake, our local running circuit, with lots of people taking advantage of the fine weather.

Summary: Low 26˚ High 31˚ Rain 0.07mm Humid and mostly cloudy throughout the day.

10 July 2019

Wispy clouds over Khao Lak Clouds slowly building up over Khao Lak

Another sensational start to the day. The sun rises to clear blue skies and the Khao Lak good weather days roll on. It was perfect all morning and into the afternoon. Mid afternoon and it started to cloud over and it looked like darker grey clouds would bring some rain. Nothing, it cleared and the fine weather produced a breath taking sun set. Into another hot and balmy evening.

Summary: Low 26˚ High 31˚ Rain 0.06mm Humid and mostly cloudy throughout the day.

11 July 2019

Lovely evening skies Lovely skies in the early evening

The weather forecast at the start of the week predicted the possibility of rain in the evening on the 11th. Waking up to blue skies and sunshine certainly showed little sign of potential rain. But we know in Khao Lak the weather can change in an instant. Anyway, thats just the forecast, right now more glorious weather for Thursday morning. The weather was hot all though midday and well into the afternoon. Late afternoon, early evening and the sky was hazy but the weather definitely hot and dry. Just before midnight we heard the sound rumble of thunder and saw a couple of flashes of lightening.

Summary: Low 26˚ High 32˚ Rain 0.06mm Humid and mostly cloudy throughout the day.

12 July 2019

Tree and skies White clouds not threatening any rain 🙂

The thunder from the previous evening did not materialise into anything. It was dry early in the morning. Not wanting this to sound monotonous but more perfect weather. Blue skies with only a few wispy clouds, a few thicker clouds over the hills looking East. All day it was perfect. Later afternoon there were more clouds  forming in the East. Thin white clouds over Khao Lak but remaining hot and dry. Again light at night we heard the rumble of thunder.

Summary: Low 26˚ High 31˚ Rain 0.28mm Humid and mostly cloudy throughout the day.

Weekly Khao Lak Weather Summary and Predictions

So that wraps up a week of weather in Khao Lak that can be easily summarised as perfect, glorious, amazing…….. Maybe it was Khao Lak’s tribute to summer at Wimbledon. With so many days of fine weather we’re just left pondering how long can this last. We will see.

Looks like the weather will continue like this fine week for a few more days. By midweek the chance of rain will rise to around 50%, rising to around 75% for the weekend. Watch this space to see what happens.

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