In For Some Rainy Days

After a Short Interlude the Rainy Season is Back
Flooded rivers

In For Some Rainy Days

Approaching the mid point of July the weather in Khao Lak had been fantastic. Whilst soaking up the sunshine and enjoying being able to get about without getting soaked to the skin there was always the knowledge that it would not last too long.

On publishing the weather forecast at the end of our last update the forecast changed and weather alerts started beeping, a storm was heading our way and with it some wind and rain. Oh well the sunshine was great whilst it lasted.

13 July 2019

Skies over Bang Muang Perfect skies over Bang Muang near Khao Lak. Well apart from all the cables.

Continuing from our last update, here we go again. Another perfect start. Morning weather all great. From lunchtime into mid afternoon it started to cloud over. By 3:00pm there were a number of low, dark clouds over the hills and it looked cloudy out over the Andaman Sea too as well Khao Lak. Must be the time I’m planning my Saturday evening trip to the market for a drink. It always rains when I plan this, sorry I may break the decent weather. As it happens there was no rain and it turned out to be a nice evening. Managed to get out and back completely dry. The fine weather rolls on.

Summary: Low 26˚ High 31˚ Rain 2mm Humid and partly cloudy throughout the day.

14 July 2019

The skies overs Takua Pa Lovely skies over Takua Pa

A few puddles dotted around town revealed it had rained a little in the night time. But the morning sun was up with blue skies and some white fluffy clouds scattered around. The air was cooler and it was a lovely morning. Midday and there were much more darker clouds overhead. We even experienced the odd shower of rain. Afternoon and it was nice and hot again, the clouds back to a nice white. A few darker clouds lingered but it remained dry and very humid. In the early evening there was a quick downpour of rain, remaining dry afterwards until around midnight when there were more showers.

Summary: Low 26˚ High 32˚ Rain 0.9mm Humid and partly cloudy throughout the day.

15 July 2019

After raining in the night time there were much more clouds in the sky at dawn. The usual white clouds but also some darker ones that looked like they would bring more rain. And they did. There were a couple of rain showers during the morning and another around 1:00pm. After that the sky was a mix of clouds and sunshine and it remained dry. It was a cloudy afternoon but the rains held off and the temperature soared again before evening. As I finish writing this it’s 11:23pm and the rain has just started.

Summary: Low 26˚ High 32˚ Rain 0.71mm Humid and mostly cloudy throughout the day.

16 July 2019

An overcast but dry morning. Just tiny portions of sky showing through the cloud cover. The rains held off most of the morning but lunchtime it poured down. Even some thunder was heard. The rain slowed to a heavy drizzle which finally stopped at 2:30pm. It rained again around 4:30pm. Our sunny spell finally comes to an end. It continued to rain on and off through the afternoon into the evening, mostly ‘on’ infact. A few more showers in the evening too.

Summary: Low 26˚ High 30˚ Rain 38.1mm Light rain and humid throughout the day.

17 July 2019

Midweek and its an overcast wet morning and breezy. Lots of dark low clouds and higher, a blanket of thick white clouds. The rain is holding off for now but it does not look like it will be for long. By 8:30am it was raining. There were a few more showers before drying a little before lunch. After that it remained cloudy and the rains held off.  It clouded over more in the late afternoon and by 5:00pm the dark clouds rolled in followed by a heavy rain shower. Showers continued into the evening.

Summary: Low 25˚ High 29˚ Rain 33.8mm Light rain and humid throughout the day.

18 July 2019

Wet day at Cafe Del Mar It was even wet and grey down in Phuket at Cafe del Mar

Was woken up by hard rain around 6:30am. This eased a little by 7:00am. It was an overcast morning. A lot of rain had fallen during the night leaving large puddles of water on the roads. The sky was just a blur of grey with the hills totally obscured by low clouds. This type of rain had been a while coming after our prolonged nice spell. Well and truly back to the rainy season. All day it rained, on and off stormy rain. Large grey clouds always loomed in the sky and everywhere was water logged. Just as the rain started to clear, more rain followed. One of those days where it’s best to plan some indoor activities. A Thai cooking class maybe? As we headed into the evening the rains were finally holding off. At least until 11:00pm then another rain shower and into a night of rain.

Summary: Low 26˚ High 28˚ Rain 33.1mm Light rain and humid throughout the day.

19 July 2019

It rained from early morning. Everywhere was wet. Through the morning the rained eased into a fine drizzle with some heavier showers thrown in. The clouds were low and a mist covered the hills. Over lunch and the early afternoon there was no rain. The rains began again in earnest in the late afternoon and continued into the evening. Some rain showers were heavier with strong winds.

Summary: Low 26˚ High 29˚ Rain 24.1mm Light rain and humid throughout the day.

Weekly Khao Lak Weather Summary and Predictions

Well in stark contrast to our previous week of glorious weather it was proper rainy season weather in Khao Lak. A lot of rain fell this week. Heading into the weekend it feels a bit like we are over the worst of it at least.

The weather forecast for the upcoming week does not look to bad at this stage. Sunday the chance of rain drops and this, hopefully, should continue through the week.

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