Weather Updates 01 – 07 June 2019

Settling Into The Rainy Season

01 June 2019

A relatively dry day though there was plenty of cloud cover. For those heading out to watch the Champions League Final there was some rain around 10:00pm which last a good hour or so. Thankfully the rain didn’t damped the results of the final with a 6th win for Liverpool F.C.

Summary: Low 26˚ High 33˚ Rain 1.1mm Overcast throughout the day.

02 June 2019

The day started with a bright sunny morning, blue skies with white fluffy clouds. Showers in the late afternoon broke the heat of the day bringing more rainfall than the previous day.

Summary: Low 26˚ High 32˚ Rain 5.2mm Light rain starting in the evening.

03 June 2019

Skies to the West of Khao Lak Morning skies to the West of Khao Lak

Another bright morning in Khao Lak. The light clouds started to darken heading into the afternoon with the sound of thunder in the distance. Though it seemed like it would rain the 3rd was the first dry day for a while.

Summary: Low 27˚ High 32˚ Rain 1.1mm Overcast throughout the evening.

04 June 2019

A calm, cool morning, white clouds and blue skies. By mid morning Khao Lak was bright and hot. The clouds thicken and darkened much like the previous day around 3:00pm, again with the sound of thunder. But the rain held off and the skies brightened to give us a 2nd dry daytime with rain falling only after dark.

Summary: Low 27˚ High 33˚ Rain 10.1mm Rain starting in the evening.

05 June 2019

Clouds to the East of Khao Lak Morning skies to the East of Khao Lak

After some rain during the night it was a dry start to Wednesday, overcast but the low clouds were light in the sky. By mid morning a few slightly darker clouds started blowing in from the East. Shortly after 11:00am our brief, daily dry spell broke with a light shower. These showers continued on and off into the afternoon. By 7:00pm heavier rain started to fall, easing into a lighter shower around 8:00pm. Showers continued on and off into the night. The forecast was for more rainy days to come.

Summary: Low 25˚ High 32˚ Rain 17.3mm Light rain until morning, starting again in the afternoon

06 June 2019

With rain falling during the night, the day started cool and fresh. Heading towards midday the temperature remained a cool 27˚ with skies bright and sunny. By 2:00pm the clouds to the East were much darker and rain started as a light drizzle. Shortly before 3:00pm the rain became a stronger downpour for 10 minutes before returning to drizzle. The rain stopped around 5:00pm as we headed into a damp, cloudy evening.

Summary: Low 25˚ High 29˚ Rain 29.7mm Rain starting overnight.

07 June 2019

Dramatic sunset over Khao Lak Rainy evenings can make sun sets more dramatic in Khao Lak

The day started with with rain showers which stopped around 7:00am. Low, dark clouds fill the sky, the morning cool and still. It looked like it could be one of those rainy, stay indoor type of days. It did actually stay dry during the morning but sure enough there were sporadic showers in the afternoon. By 7:30pm it was fairly dry again and nice and cool. That latest until 8:00pm when the rain started once more.

Summary: Low 25˚ High 29˚ Rain 20.5mm Rain until morning, starting again in the afternoon.

Weekly Khao Lak Weather Summary and Predictions

After a stormy, unpredictable month in May it finally feels like the seasons have changed marking the start of the south-west monsoon. Mornings are definitely the best time to plan outdoor activities with nightly rainfall ending before dawn. Afternoons and evenings will likely see more rain heading into the second week of June. Mid week there may be some drier days.

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