Makha Bucha Day

Buddha's Sermon on Makha Bucha

Makha Bucha Day

9. March 2020 all-day
Khuek Khak Temple
Khuek Khak
Takuapa, Phang Nga

A National Holiday commemorating the very 1st sermon performed by the Buddha.

Makha Bucha Day

March 9th 2020 marks Makha Bucha (Magha Puja) day in Thailand. It is a National Holiday for Thai Buddhists to perform merit making actions at their local temple. No alcohol can be served on this day and all bars should be closed.

‘Makha’ is the Thai word for the 3rd Lunar month. ‘Bucha’ means ‘To Honour’. This day celebrates the first sermon the Buddha gave to his disciples and represents the heart of buddhism. The date of the holiday changes every year, as it always falls on the full moon of the third lunar month of the Thai Calendar. The aim of this festival is to not do any wrong doings and to purify yourself.Buddhist Monk procession at Makha Bucha Photo by: John Shedrick License: CC BY 2.0

Where to go

You can visit any Buddhist temple to witness the Makha Bucha processions. If you are in Khao Lak, the nearest and most tourist friendly temple, is the Khuek Khak Temple. If you head down here in the evening you can see or even take part in the ‘Wian Thian’ procession. This roughly translates as the circling candle procession.

How to take part in Makha Bucha

Buddhist Monks and lay people all hold flowers, incense and a lighted candle. They proceed to walk in a clockwise circle around the ordination hall three times, thus representing honour to the Buddha, the Dhamma and the Sangha. If you visit the temple you can just observe or take part. As this is a day for merit-making, you should find that many Thai people will be happy to help you.

The National holiday is only one day but for many Buddhists the occasion lasts for several days. It is a time to stick to the five precepts of Buddhism and a time for meditation and reflection.

Title Image by: Spirit-Fire License: CC BY 2.0

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