Christmas Day

Wanted: Santa Claus on Christmas Day

Christmas Day

WANTED: Santa Claus! Find out why we really celebrate Christmas today.

Khao Lak Christmas

Christmas is a great time to visit Khao Lak, and Thailand in general. This is without a doubt the busiest time of the year in Khao Lak so make sure you book everything in advance. Thailand always manage to do a great job of adopting foreign festivals and allowing us to enjoy our favourite holidays with sea, sand and sunshine. Thai’s may love to help us get the most out of our holidays, but they don’t always know all of the history and customs associated with it. So here is a quick guide to explain the traditions of this depraved Pagan festival now known as Christmas.

Why do we celebrate on 25th December?

December 25th can represent only one thing; Ritual Human Sacrifice. The Roman Pagan holiday called Saturnalia was celebrated between 17th – 25th December. During this week, authorities selected an innocent victim to represent the enemies of the Roman people. This victim would be forced into one final week of hedonism. They would undergo a week of indulgence in physical pleasures. The festival would then conclude, December 25th, with their brutal sacrifice. Happy Christmas!

Carol Singing and Gingerbread men

What do you think of when you imagine Carol singers? If it is public indecency, then you would be correct. In the pre christian Roman era, this was a time for getting drunk and stumbling from house to house, singing completely naked though the streets. Devouring biscuits in the shape of a human body represented their sexual inhibitions. O’ Come all Ye Faithful!Carol singing at ChristmasPhoto by: Kevin Dooley License: CC BY 2.0

The Christmas Tree, Presents and Mistletoe

The Christmas tree tradition comes from the worshipping of Forest gods. Giving presents dates back to Roman Emperors making the most despised citizens bring offerings during Saturnalia in an attempt to redeem themselves. Mistletoe has been used in mythology to make poisoned arrows in wars between Norse Gods. It was also used by Druids to murder their human sacrifices. The act of kissing under mistletoe is a combination of Pagan sexual freedom with reference to Druid Sacrifices. Its the most wonderful time… of the year!Kissing under the mistletoe at ChristmasPhoto by: Chris Hsia License: CC BY-ND 2.0

Santa Claus

The St. Nicholas story originates from a Bishop in Turkey. The story changed as it moved through Italy, Germany and up to Celtic Pagans. His story merged with that of Woden (father of Thor) and this is where he grew his big white beard. His name Santa Claus come from the Dutch for Saint Nicholas. Dr. Clement Moore gave him his 8 flying reindeer in a poem in 1822. However, he was still depicted differently in different countries. For his Red outfit and obesity problems we can thank Coca Cola. In 1931 they turned Santa Claus into the internationally recognisable sell out we see today. Ho! Ho! Ho!Santa Claus the Sell Out on ChristmasPhoto by: Mike Mozart License: CC BY-ND 2.0

A Merry Thailand Christmas

So, if anyone ever tells you that you have forgotten the true meaning of Christmas, it is probably because they don’t actually know it themselves. In these modern times maybe we should celebrate Christmas in a way that feels most important to us. In Thailand, Christmas is not about religion. It is about family, relaxation, good food and good company. Maybe it is a good idea to forget the ‘true’ meaning of Christmas and just enjoy the quality time we can spend with (or temporarily escaping from) our loved ones!

Wanted: Santa Claus on Christmas Day

Title Image by: Kevin Dooley License: CC BY 2.0

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